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This work is permanent

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Update 1/13/2020. Still no ice cream!! I had a tapping colleague ask if he could practice a new tapping technique on me a couple of years ago. Of course I agreed! He said it was for addictions, cravings, or urges. I picked one craving that had gotten a little out of control, but I didn't actually want it to go away. So I didn't really think the technique would work.

It was ice cream. I had gotten the rest of my diet pretty good. So it was my "only thing left." I was even eating 'healthier' ice cream (whatever that means).

My friend (in Spain if you need an incredible practitioner locally there!) did two sessions with me. The craving went away immediately. I literally couldn't believe it. Now, I didn't just go back to eating ice cream either. Why would I do that? If the craving was gone, why would I force it to come back? Sugar is like cocaine in the brain. If I were to be healed of cocaine cravings, would try to see if they would come back? To me, that's insane.

So I just didn't buy ice cream. But I didn't want to! I no longer wanted to take the daily trip to the store (it had become a ritual) to get the pint. After a few weeks of this, I was even curious what would happen if I just walked down the ice cream aisle. I wasn't even curious! It's like the freeze section wasn't even there.

I like the name "Emotional Freedom Techniques," because it really does create freedom. I am free to walk down the ice cream aisle, which happens to be directly across from the eggs, which I do need.

Within these couple of years, I did try to have some ice cream a couple of times. But I really do not enjoy it. It does nothing for me. I might have other cravings to substitute, so I'm not perfect, but a pint of ice cream every day would have obviously become a problem. And the thought of stopping it felt impossible and made me sad. Now I'm free.And healthier. Thank you EFT and Miki (in Spain - I can get you his info!).

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