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Trying to Get Your Work Out There?
Get the project DONE?
Triple your price?!

  • "I don't know where to begin."

  • "I don't even have a vision."

  • "I'm not 100% refined in what I would focus on."

  • "I'm afraid of branching out on my own."

  • "I'm so overwhelmed and I don't know where to start."

  • "I'm unsure on which exact direction to pursue."

  • "I'm stuck for ideas."

  • "Money blocks."

"I can't because:

  • No list

  • I'm too old

  • Too much tech

  • Not enough content

  • I don't look good enough

  • I have to be an expert

  • It has to be perfect

  • I have to have a complete plan first

  • I don't have enough time or money

  • It's hard to charge for what I do..."

...shall I go on?

Do you have ANY of these limiting beliefs or fears?

Do you know it only takes ONE of those beliefs to hold you back? 

How long has this been going on?

What is this costing you?

  • Freedom?

  • Creative flow?

  • Peace of mind?

  • Self-worth?

  • Income?

How much longer can you stand it?

Do you know these beliefs 
actually come from somewhere? 

We can find the block.

We can shift it or even remove it.

It is possible. 


Feed the part of you that
absolutely needs to do it.

It is possible.

  • 4 sessions - Discover the blocked area and clear several aspects.

    1,200 US dollars
  • Deep Session to discover a block and open it up for a complete shift.

    300 US dollars
  • 10 Sessions - identify multiple layers of blocks and clear them

    2,500 US dollars
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