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Tap Into a Stronger Immune System

Worrying about a disease may not cause you to get it, but it can make you more susceptible to it. Worry, fear, anxiety, depression and other stressful states deplete our immune system. Emotional stress activates our fight/flight chemical response in the brain, which interrupts immune function.

Fight/flight mode is a good thing. When we are in fight/flight mode, our brain and body are trying to protect us. However, staying in that mode for extended periods of time drains our immune system. Dr. Bruce Lipton writes in “The Biology of Belief,” “...stress hormones are so effective at curtailing immune system function that doctors provided them to recipients of transplants so that their immune systems wouldn’t reject the foreign tissues.” (The Biology of Belief, P119.)

“Cortisol is ordinarily anti-inflammatory and contains the immune response, but chronic elevations can lead to the immune system becoming resistant, an accumulation of stress hormones, and increased production of inflammatory cytokines that further compromise the immune response.” (“Current Directions in Stress and Human Immune Function,”

Emotional Freedom Techniques are the quickest, easiest and most effective way to get the stress down - it works instantly. You can do it yourself, like getting an acupuncture treatment without needles. By simply tapping on several acupuncture points for a particular stressful issue, the brain calms down, the fight/flight response calms down, your stress goes down.

In her book, “The Science of Tapping,” Dr. Peta Stapleton writes that in one report of using EFT Tapping techniques, stress cortisol levels dropped an average of 49% (The Science of Tapping, P40). Other scientific studies prove similar results.

Once you have tapped down stress levels, not only does the immune system begin to strengthen, but the calm state allows us to make other healthier lifestyle choices.

We can tap away:

  • Self-destructive behaviors that cause damage to our health

  • Stressful relationship issues, making it easier to communicate

  • Food cravings or binge eating

  • Worry

Over time, with Tapping becoming part of our daily routine, we become inspired to adopt a new exercise routine or activity that benefits us on many levels. Our immune system is really our entire body, not just one little part. It is our digestive system, our lungs, our skin, in addition to immune factors. Tapping away stress benefits these systems, allowing our body to function fully, keeping our immune system strong.

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