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Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying


Amanda Lane

Last year I committed to finding a health care team. That is when I found a surgeon and his health team. Bariatric surgery I thought would heal my wounds. I followed plans and hit goals. But something wasn't right. I didn't truly agree with fixing a problem without figuring our why it was a problem in the first place.nThat is why I canceled my surgery.

I had to see if I truly tried. Figured out what caused my weight gain and why. I could work on myself harder and evolve into a healthier woman.

So I started looking for my OWN team of inspired humans. Healthy humans. Humans that would push me to be the best me I could imagine. I have my team. And I try and showcase them daily.


But today we talk about my "therapist"...he is so much more. Enter my amazing holistic healer. Really a miracle worker. Yes, I was doing the work to better myself. But his guidance and his support helped me push further then I ever have.

I started EFT and Matrix Reimprinting two years ago with Daniel. We dug in and in the safest place I've ever done therapy, he's helped me, in more ways than I could imagine.

I had some custom muscle testing nutrition done with Danny and I am now on a path to curing WHY my body doesn't work at optimal level. This program looks for and handles the actual underlying imbalances in the body naturally, allowing the body to heal itself. And with the tapping, that handles the emotional causes.

I am starting finally to feel free. I went from crippling anxiety and feeling trapped in my body and life to how I feel now. I respond to MY life in a new way. I went from victim mentality to being an activist of my life and my health and happiness.

And now with my supplements in hand, we fix my body from the inside out. The workouts I do. The fuel I consume. The hard day in day out leg work that I AM DOING FOR MYSELF, only make what we do together more successful. Every day I know I'm the healthiest I've been in my entire life. Because I don't quit on myself. I don't doubt the process. I believe in my team.


I'm telling you right now. If you are even one percent searching for something more in the way of therapy work or you know that something is missing (like I did) then message Danny or myself and I can introduce you!!


It's time to heal. It's time to grow. Even if you're afraid of unpacking your baggage. You wont regret this. I promise you.



"Dan, our session yesterday changed me. First of all, I went to eat lunch right after and I had a call in 20 minutes so I was rushed. I, for the first time EVER, heard a voice in my head saying...slow down. Slow down honey. I NEVER slow down...and even though I was rushed. I did.

Today for lunch...I sat and ate with a friend. It wasn't about the food. It was about looking at her, listening to her and sharing the moment. It was amazing. I also got to sleep at 10pm last night and felt rested for the first time in ages!

I also noticed when walking to the doctor's office this morning and I'm usually self conscious, but today the new voice said, "They see my shell...they don't see me." It wasn't harsh or negative, just factual. And I'm confident that people will be seeing ME soon enough!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Daniel. You really are incredible. Not only are you amazing at what you do, you are one hell of a friend and am truely honored to have you on my team.


"Just a couple of months ago, I remember feeling so desperately ill and reading reviews like this and hoping that someday I would get to a place where I felt well enough to write one.

I am eternally grateful to Dan for helping me reach that place. And I hope that if you are suffering in any way – whether physically or emotionally or both – you consider giving EFT a shot. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘miracle cure’ or ‘magic bullet,’ but EFT is the single most powerful and simple treatment I have come across. It allows you to get past all of those harmful beliefs, and habits, and patterns of thought that have become ingrained in your brain, many of which you might not even be aware of.


And when you clear out those old patterns, you make space for that True part of yourself to come forth, that part of yourself that knows you are a beautiful, healthy, eternal being of Love and Light, and your whole experience of Life feels profoundly different."


Read Jared's full testimonial.


"After the tapping session with Danny, I felt like it was ok to be seen, I felt like it was ok to be who I am, and as a result, I changed my facebook profile picture to actually show my face. I know it may seem like a small action, but it was a big deal to me. The first step in giving myself permission to be who I am and show up in the world just as I am! Thank you, Danny!"


"I did the EFT Matrix with Daniel to assist with a severe episode of fatigue. Daniel's use of EFT and Matrix is tailored to your mindset and language. He's able to read what's going in both your body and your being without interpreting it or judging it - so the blockage in my fatigue was able to be seen very clearly and simply.

Within a week (not normal!) I was moving about again and able to go out of the house without the fatigue. The process was subtle but powerful. I also felt EFT Matrix was more suited to me as I am an energy healer and need a system that addresses my being and energy and not the mind.

So if you are curious about EFT Matrix, give Daniel a go as he is probably the most advanced EFT practitioner I have met and he is delightful in his use of the EFT Matrix and able to fluidly flow with your language and what is coming up for you."


"I took Daniel's Tapping/Meditation series in the fall. Daniel takes the time to understand what the blocks are and "Tap" you through them. My meditation practice has been taken to a whole new level as a result of his sessions. Thank you Daniel!"


"I had a tapping session with Daniel a few months ago. He was really thorough and uncovered some old beliefs that needed to be looked at. I was really impressed with his insights."

Vintage Bookstore

"Daniel is great to work with because he is so gifted. Where do I start? His intuition gently guides the session into the “perfect” direction to bring awareness and his healing abilities along with the powerful energies he channels brings almost instantaneous healing. Daniel’s knowledge and wisdom and the way he communicates it, is very empowering."

Flower in Sunlight

"Daniel Sonntag has been working with me over several months on emotional problems which I could not break on my own. I have found him to be extremely helpful and thoughtful towards my situation. He is always willing to give insights when I contact him, and seeks to give his utmost even when I have confronted him with difficult problems in my particular situation. He has been kind and generous with his time. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher."


"Daniel has done so much for me that I’m not sure where to begin. Daniel has guided me to stay on track, our sessions together always bring me back to center. Life can be so busy and distracting that I lose focus of my dreams, get so stressed, and start missing all the “messages” right in front of me.

Handling stress has been one of my biggest issues and Daniel has certainly taught me a few different techniques to de-stress and reconnect. He has helped me address some of my old beliefs, memories, and conditionings (blockages) that were holding me back and work through them to allow me to keep growing.  Daniel has a way of helping me open myself up which strengthens my intuition. Daniel's work is transformational. I feel blessed to have met him and that I’m able to work with him still."

Wild Horses

"I want to start off by saying that I have been working in the Healing Arts field for almost 25 years now and I have seen and experienced a wide array of Healing techniques, including spiritual guidance via channeling. I am very blessed to have been in the presence of many highly attuned channels and experience their gift but none quite like Daniel. He has been working with me for the last 16 years and with his help and his gentle easy going spirit I feel I’ve become a much better healer within my own Massage practice. He has been my Divine lighting rod. Thanks Danny!"


"I came to Daniel with increasingly high anxiety. The stress from job and personal life were beginning to take a toll. I was in the midst of a meltdown.

Daniel helped me see things in ways I never thought about before. Through his methods we were able to combat my stress and keep them down! I honestly can't express how intuitive and insightful he is. Daniel has been able to channel and really bring to light the issues and stressors for me. Together and at my pace he really helped clear obstacles and limiting thoughts. He is truly gifted!"


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