• Daniel Sonntag

Habit or Addiction?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

How do I know if it's a habit or an addiction?

Well, for one thing, just try to stop. You'll know.

But here's the both cases, the same functions of the brain and biochemistry are kicking in. Tapping works on either.

Of course, with some addictions, depending on the substance, there will be other factors and other help WILL be required. I do not address that here, but EFT works incredibly well with any program you are in.

But with many other habits and addictions, tapping will work. I'm not sure we need a 12-step program for Netflixing. Not yet, anyway.

Book a few sessions for your habit or addiction you want to break. It will always work and help, no matter what. And you'll know if you need additional help! It will be very clear.

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