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Helpful Angry Kidney Stones

In this article, I describe a less-conventional approach to dealing with the emotional issues related to, and possibly causing this person to have developed kidney stones:

With this recent client, we used EFT for his kidney stones."Charles" had just gotten out of the hospital due to painful kidney stones. I offered nutritional counseling for him and he accepted. He knows I do EFT, so when we were chatting about it, he was interested to use it for creative blocks. I explained that all physical conditions have some kind of emotional component. He was also open to using EFT for his stones.

I often refer to Louise Hay to find out the associated emotional cause for physical ailments. If the client is open, I let them know what she says. It can stimulate them to look at their issue differently.In her book, "You Can Heal Your Life," she lists 'undissolved anger' as the emotional cause for kidney stones. Hard, undissolved bits of anger.

When we did Charles' first session, we focused on his creative block. The specific event was when he was working on a painting (in 11th grade), and when he got home, his mother had written in ball-point pen, ON THE PAINTING, "The world does not need to see this." He destroyed the painting.

In this one session, he was able to get relief from decades of resentment from this event. After the session, he practically kicked me out of his house so he could get to his sketching!

In the second session, we wanted to tap directly on the fear of anticipation that his next bout of painful kidney stones was inevitable.We focused on the fear of that pain. But we were willing to explore deeper and went into the undissolved anger aspect. We used Basic EFT to begin. After a while, we decided to do something more unconventional. I had Charles "go into" the stones; ask them why they are there. Ask them what good they were trying to do for him.

He is a very visual person, so this was very easy and natural for him to do. He was very easily able to go in and ask them and get responses and describe them. We did continuous tapping during this journey.

In the end, the stones explained that they were formed due to the anger, but instead of the anger floating around his body, causing damage all over, they were willing to accumulate to be expelled from the body. But unless the anger was removed, they would keep growing. And unless the anger can be released with love, the pain of the release of the build up will be tremendous.

We had Charles go into the crystals and he found them to be porous, like Sponge Bob. So I had him get lighter and brighter to illuminate what was inside. It began to fill the porous hard crystals like a sponge. They got bigger, but softer. It provided an opportunity for them to dissolve slowly and carefully.

During this time, Charles had been able to identify different moments of anger and release them.The initial discomfort in his back had subsided. His awareness was extremely clear.

He no longer had any fear at all about the inevitable pain that might occur if and when they pass. Actually, he said it no longer felt 'inevitable'. He said that it felt possible, or even likely, that the stones could dissolve and/or pass without pain. The fear was gone.

EFT for kidney stones changes how we react emotionally about the stones.We have several more sessions booked, so if I did not get specific enough in this one, we were both OK with that. What happened here was miraculous and facilitates healing on a much broader level.When this kind of session occurs, the following ones tend to go a lot further, a lot faster, and we are generally able to follow the Clinical EFT format.

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