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Lyme Disease Transformed

People may think there is absolutely no help for something like Lyme Disease. In my experience, there is plenty we can do. Jared came to me to work on his Lyme Disease symptoms from the emotional viewpoint.

I met Jared at a workshop where I was featured as the guest EFT practitioner. I simply showed the group how EFT works and did a brief group tapping session with a couple of the attendees, one was his girlfriend, Brittany, but not Jared.

Afterward, Jared and Brittany came up to me to thank me personally, that my technique really helped. They said they'd be giving me a call.

I then did a follow-up group session online with the advanced course that our wonderful friend and colleague, Sage Osa, offered afterward online. It was an in-depth 8 week course on the "Quantum You." I did an EFT group session at two of those classes, each time with one attendee. One of which was Jared's girlfriend, Brittany, but still not Jared.

Brittany contacted me first, since she got so much benefit from tapping with me personally. Still not Jared.

But he was paying attention.

Brittany got so much benefit, and with Jared meeting me personally, we quickly grew a nice rapport with each other. A couple of days later, Jared and I connected and he became a client and we set up four consecutive sessions. He wanted to focus on his physical symptoms of his Lyme Disease.

Here is Jared's testimonial in full. He can describe what happened better than I can. Thank you, Jared.

"Hi Daniel,

"I hope you're having a great week! I finally had a chance to write the testimonial. Let me know if this is good for you. Thanks again for all of your help! It was truly a blessing working with you, Jared

"When I came to Dan a couple of months ago, I was at my wit’s end with a nearly decade-long struggle with chronic Lyme disease. I had seen dozens upon dozens of doctors (both traditional and extremely woo-woo), spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on treatments, and felt like I’d tried just about everything (including EFT, which I found ineffective when doing it on my own). Yet I was still suffering on a daily basis.

"That is, until I met Dan and implemented the incredibly powerful technique of EFT.

"It’s difficult to summarize all of the profound personal revelations and transformations that took place during only four sessions, but what I can say is that Dan helped me discover why so many of my previous efforts had been ineffective AND he helped me fix it.

"Essentially, even though I desperately wanted to be healthy, I was holding on to a number of subconscious beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional scars (largely picked up from childhood), which were sabotaging my progress.

"I was actually quite surprised at how much emotion came up for me when we started exploring my childhood because I have always thought of it as a very happy time in my life. And the strange thing is, it was a happy time. But I realized that you don’t necessarily have to experience big, traumatic events in your past in order to be effected on a deep emotional level or to pick up beliefs about yourself and about the world that don’t serve you.

"Since I wasn’t really consciously aware of any big, traumatic moments from my childhood, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to access or remember much that would be worth tapping on. However, as Dan guided me through the tapping points, I felt as though I was slipping into a sort of hypnotic state and was able to gain profound insights into a much deeper part of my psyche, and a flood of memories and emotions came rushing forth. Honestly, I was amazed at how quickly Dan was able to zero in on a number of the core emotional wounds from my childhood and gently open them up for exploration.

"Gaining an awareness into some of these moments, which had left a deep emotional imprint on my psyche, was incredibly liberating and empowering, and helped me to connect the dots between many events in my life that kept repeating the dysfunctional patterns I had unconsciously adopted as a child.

"We didn’t just stop at awareness though; through a combination of conversation, tapping, and Matrix Reimprinting, Dan helped me change these limiting beliefs and patterns on a subconscious level so that they are no longer running my life and blocking my natural state of health and well-being.

"Dan is an incredibly kind, intuitive, and gentle person, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him. Since I started working with him six weeks ago, I have felt more improvement than I have in the previous six years of treatment. In six weeks.

"That still blows my mind.

"While I still experience many of the same physical symptoms, I no longer feel the daily mental and emotional anguish that I had become so accustomed to. I know that I have shifted my energy and cleared many emotional blockages, which will allow the physical body to heal in time.

"I never used to believe that healing was possible, and always had this doubt and fear that I would never feel well again, but now that I have reprogrammed my beliefs, I feel such a sense of certitude that my healing is inevitable.

"In just a few sessions, I went from living in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and general unease to living each moment with a sense of joy, purpose, and excitement. There are, of course, still moments where my old, limiting ways of thinking creep in, but I now have the tools to recognize and transform them. And more importantly, now that my subconscious beliefs are aligned with my conscious intentions and desires, I no longer feel like I’m constantly fighting against a rushing current.

"Now, I am flowing with the current, growing, healing, and succeeding with a sense of ease I never even knew was possible.

"Even though we didn’t directly address areas like career and relationships in our tapping sessions, I have felt a huge positive shift in these areas of my life as well, which to me seems directly related to the liberation of energy I achieved with the tapping.

"Just a couple of months ago, I remember feeling so desperately ill and reading reviews like this and hoping that someday I would get to a place where I felt well enough to write one.

"I am eternally grateful to Dan for helping me reach that place.

"And I hope that if you are suffering in any way – whether physically or emotionally or both – you consider giving EFT a shot. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘miracle cure’ or ‘magic bullet,’ but EFT is the single most powerful and simple treatment I have come across. It allows you to get past all of those harmful beliefs, and habits, and patterns of thought that have become ingrained in your brain, many of which you might not even be aware of. And when you clear out those old patterns, you make space for that True part of yourself to come forth, that part of yourself that knows you are a beautiful, healthy, eternal being of Love and Light, and your whole experience of Life feels profoundly different."


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