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This package is for new clients only and designed to identify and introduce positive changes you want to implement in your life. 


Whether you want to stop smoking, emotional eating, drinking or just too much Netflix this series will jump start you to relieving the cravings!

Awesome deal!

3 sessions $349

Tap away Triggers!

Start your 2020 with realistic goals and prepare yourself NOW. Before it's too late. Before it catches you by surprise. I know so many people who have really done well with food this year! I would hate to see you collapse under the pressure of New Year's Resolutions.

Make it the best start to a new decade you ever had.

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45-minute sessions done via Skype or Zoom.


3-Session packages must be completed within a month. No limit to how many packages at this price but must be purchased upfront. (Each additional package to be completed within a reasonable amount of time.)


Prices to increase after this deal is complete.

In three sessions, you will choose one area to change and learn how to use EFT during the course of the month. EFT EASES ANXIETY. Period. Imagine the possibilities without anxiety taking over.

This package does not include nutritional advice or information (just support).

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