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Rates for Customized EFT
and Matrix Sessions

& Packages

Emotional Trigger Relief

$197/single session/one hour

One session can remove the intense emotional triggers that you are currently suffering from.

For a permanent shift, several sessions is required. Consider a package of sessions.

In one session, I also TEACH you how to use EFT daily for yourself to ease your anxiety or help handle your addictive behavior or thinking.

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One Deep Month


This program includes 4 sessions.

To completely create a new habit requires at least 21 days of regular attention on new behavior.

The sessions break the old habits permanently. Daily tapping assignments develop the new habit.

Let me guide you for a full month to uncover your true self.

Includes regular contact via email/messenger/text/whatsapp/whateverittakes.

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Working on a particular issue

$797/6 sessions

Most people experience a complete resolution in one particular trouble area in their life in about 6 sessions.

Many people experience a complete shift in their life path by fixing a major blockage.

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Complete Life Shift

$2397/20 sessions

This program takes place over a 6-month period.

Many triggers occur on a regular basis. One or two sessions helps tremendously and create miracles. But if you are really looking to change your life experience, it takes regular work with constant help and support.

Includes contact via email or messenger.

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Full Blockage Workup

(in-person only)

$296 per session

Using various techniques in my office, I will help you find many of the blocks keeping you in pain.

This session must be done in my office.

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In-person Full Weekend Retreat

$500 per day (plus Airbnb costs)

Working throughout each day, this private retreat gets you out of your own rat race, into the peace and serenity of my beautiful mountain town. We can chat during a hike, cook together, or you can just spend your own time writing at a local coffee shop. Together, we will dive deep with tapping sessions. During the weekend, depending on how much a detox you need, we can add in toxin evaluation, supplement needs, heart rate variability, and get you a nice reset to refresh and begin anew.

One Day

Two Days

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