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​Exclusive BeBalanced Client Offer 

BeBalanced_Logo_FullColorBold.jpg're doing great on your program,

and then BOOM!


Hey! How did that all that ice cream get in there?!
- or -

Why am I eating, I'm not even hungry?

- or -

I should know better

We all have developed some amazing coping skills, but they can actually be covering up underlying issues...


Then we soothe with food, alcohol,

shopping, or other distractions.

Imagine feeling free, confident, calm, and centered, so that you are able to make clear decisions about food or other activities.

Together, we will find that

specific block and shift it.

(Please be sure to enter your email correctly, upon booking, so that I can send your live session link.)

BeBalanced Client Special

  • 12 Sessions $1497 - identify multiple layers, transform and recreate

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  • 4 sessions $597 - Discover the blocked area - open it to transform it

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  • Click below to book your first of two sessions! $247

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