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Meditation by the sea

Nutrition & Toxin Testing (in person only)

We are breathing and drinking in chemicals everyday. Our food is nutritionally depleted. No wonder our bodies are falling apart!


You can gently detox heavy metals, chemicals, years of build-up, gently and safely. A clean body begins to heal itself in a way it never could before.

In my local office in Western Massachusetts, I use a simple technique to 'ask' the body what it needs to be clean and clear, and which nutrients are deficient.

Feel cleaner, think clearer, age stronger.

The body is created to be healthy while we are alive.


Decline is not needed. Get better with age!


An in-person evaluation will include several holistic diagnostic tools that provide many clues as to where imbalances remain. Includes HRV evaluation. Scar evaluation and cold laser handling.

Custom tapping sequence available.
Blocks: Find 'em and Fix 'em!



IN-PERSON ONLY - Plan for a holistic weekend in the Berkshires

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Emotional Freedom Techniques
"EFT" or "Tapping"



Afraid to move forward?

Successful, but not 'feeling it'?


EFT can give immediate relief

AND change your entire outlook on life.


In EFT we find out why you keep getting triggered.

Once you know where that comes from

(often childhood imprints),

you no longer get triggered.


It's gone.


If you already know where it comes from, good work,  you're ahead of the game! EFT works well with any method you've used already to discover yourself.


One session to start, follow up sessions to

expand and grow on your own clear directed path.




Matrix Reimprinting

Reprogram childhood beliefs, and that 'little you' feels empowered, rather than squashed and afraid.

Our childhood events taught us how to see life. If that view is not working for you, you can change it. This is gentle and easy in the Matrix.

Matrix Reimprinting is an EFT Technique! But you get to help your younger 'you' or a traumatized part of you, or a family part of you.

Once you learn what beliefs were chosen in that moment, you can completely change your perception and your beliefs.Gently and easily.

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